First Day of 4th Grade


Sam and Molly started the 2014-2015 school year yesterday!  We brought home their books the day before after Meet the Teacher.  I spent (no less than) 2 hours covering the hardbound books with brown paper bags and I wrestled contact paper to cover the softbound workbooks.


Of course, we had to take the traditional first day of school pictures…


I used to have to kneel down to get all of us in the picture but they have gotten so tall that we can all stand for a picture…I know that I will eventually be the shortest one in the “first day of school” pictures someday!


(Everyone is smiling!)



I went into work a little later so that I could bring the kids to school on the first day (and, of course, take pictures).  They only went to school until noon so they were able to ease into the school year…today was the first full day of school.


The kids were so excited to get to school that we were some of the first people there but their classmates quickly started arriving to start the new school year.

041r 042r  050r 051r 052r 057r

Sam was chosen to hold the official “4B” sign this year.

060r 062r 063r 065r 067r 070r 076r 077r

And with that, summer officially ended and 4th grade began…

Meet the Teacher 2014

Monday was “Meet the Teacher” day at St. Peters.  The kids’ classrooms were open from 9:30-10:30am and they also had their school picture taken that morning (which helps streamline the process and avoids having to take the pictures during the school day, disrupting learning).  I always take the day off to spend one last summer vacation day with Sam and Molly (and Brian is back to teaching as his summer vacation ended about a week earlier than the kids as he had to return for meetings).


The kids are big 4th graders now which is hard to believe.  Their classroom is “in the basement” at St. Peters  and next to the Junior High Hall which means they have officially entered the 2nd half of their years at St. Peters…halfway to high school…yikes!!

Sam’s teacher is Mrs. Decker this year.  Sam’s claim to fame is that he, again, is in the “B” classroom…he was in KB, 1B, 2B, 3B and now 4B!


Molly’s teacher is Mrs. Dolezal.  Both of the 4th grade teachers do switch and teach some of the subjects to both classes so they will get to know both Sam and Molly.



I know these two kids will have another great year!



Pre-4th grade field trip with Nana

Nana came to Lincoln to spend the day on Tuesday with Sam and Molly since it was Brian’s first day back with meetings and I had to work my normal hours.  My Mom decided that, since the kids will learn all about Nebraska history in 4th grade, that she would take them on a pre-4th grade field trip to the  Louis and Clark Center in Nebraska City.  Now I have driven past the location many times on the way to Kansas City but we have never stopped.  Seriously, I have been missing a treasure all this time!


I know the kids were a little reluctant to go but they really enjoyed themselves!  They both came home full of historical facts to share with us that evening.

030r 031r 032r 033r 034r



037r 038r 039r

It was beautiful weather on Tuesday for their visit.




The kids actually enjoyed themselves so much they have asked to go back with Brian and myself sometime.



Thanks Nana for a great and memorable field trip…I am so glad Nana is also camera-happy like myself and she took lots of pictures of the kids on their adventure!

Stitch Fix…August Review

I get super excited each month when my Stitch Fix box arrives! This is the 4th month I have come home to a perfectly packaged box sitting at my doorstep.

I have really enjoyed this easy way to shop and always keep 1-3 of the 5 items in my box each month.  Seriously, how fun is it to get a package customized just for you each month and you get to play dress up at home…it is like Christmas each month!


Each box contains 5 items (all clothing or clothing/accessories mixed) that you receive delivered to your door.  You try on everything at home, keep what you like and then send back the rest all for a $20 styling fee (that gets applied to your purchase)!



I have received a different stylist for all 4 of my Stitch Fix boxes but I know that other people receive the same stylist each month.  I actually requested, after this month, to have the same stylist so she/he can really get to know my style even more.

Again, I am definitely not a fashion blogger but this monthly present to myself has been so fun!

Here are the items I received this month:

Item 1 and 2

Stewart Colorblock Short Sleeve Blouse by 41Hawthorn

Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean by Mavi

Stitch Fix 1

I loved these boyfriend jeans when I took them out of the box but, very unfortunately, they are very low rise.  There is no way I could wear these jeans and sit on the bleachers during a basketball game without something showing that I really don’t want other fans to see!

Stitch Fix

(see where my hand is, that is the top of the jean…too low for this lady)

The blouse is a pretty coral and navy color but I am just not a fan of boxy fit shirts.  I tried tucking in the shirt into navy dress pants (like I would wear to work) but the fabric just did not lay smoothly.  I did send both of these pieces back.

Item 3, 4 and 5

Anita Ponte Pant by Liverpool

Vinnie Open Crochet Detail Cardigan by Mystree

Sandro Abstract Dot Print Racerback Tank by Collective Concepts


Now these items were great!

I loved the black Anita Ponte pants…they are like skinny black jeans but soft and stretchy…perfect!

I was hesitant to try on the tank because it was a flowly style shirt and usually those styles don’t flatter my hourglass shape but this shirt did have some structure to it and it also worked great tucked in.


The cardigan was just perfect and had such fun detail in the back.  I am a huge fan of cardigan sweaters and bring one to work daily (even in the summer) as I work in air conditioning and sometimes the temperature gets too cool for me at different times during the day.


I kept all three of these items to add to my closet.

Sam gets credit for the photos this month (secretly, he takes way better pictures than Molly).

I am not paid or compensated in anyway by Stitch Fix but there is a small referral credit available.  I am looking forward to my box in September.  I asked for some lightweight sweaters I can wear to work so I can’t wait to see what the stylist comes up with next!

Back at the lake…

It has been about 7 weeks since we last were up at the lake.  Our summer has been consumed by vacation and trips to Kansas City for sports.  This past weekend was the first FREE weekend we have had since mid-June and we totally took advantage of a clear schedule to head up to the lake (and we prayed for good weather because I couldn’t imagine the kids’ disappointment if I told them we couldn’t go because of rain)!



Sam is always a little hesitant to get on the “lay down” tube but he always ends up having fun after a few circles around the lake!


(Nervous face)


(Happy face)





Molly always wants to go much faster than Sam tolerates so, at the end, she rode by herself.  Brian really increased the speed and she held on tight!


The weather did hold out until about 4 pm when a storm rolled in and it started raining hard.

We have one more week of summer and then the kids return to school on August 19th.  Hopefully we can get up to the lake a few more times this year before cold weather sets in!

2014 Saunders County Fair Parade

Last Thursday was the annual Saunders County Fair Parade.  It is a huge tradition in my family to gather at my Grandmother’s house (which just happens to sit right at the start of the parade), eat pizza and watch the parade go by for the next 1 to 1 1/2 hours!




(Sam spent quite a bit of time watching the Governor of Nebraska and his security staff milling around before the parade started)



Whitney’s sister, Alison, and her two boys, Max and Owen, also joined us in watching the parade!


The kids tried to make sure that Max and Owen had plenty of candy to take home.



Of course, it is always great to have an “inside” connection when you are trying to gather candy during the parade!  Papa was walking with the Saunders County Corn Growers Association in the parade and Whitney walked with the Wahoo Pharmacy.




(What would a parade be without tons of tractors!)


The kids had fun seeking out Dots for Nana…her favorite!


The kids collected numerous political stickers…really, what would a parade be without politicians!


There have been very few years that we have missed the Wahoo parade.  It is always on the Thursday evening during the week of the Saunders County Fair.  I spent years chasing candy as a kid and then, in high school, I marched in the band each year.  It is so nostalgic for me to come back to Wahoo with the kids each year for the parade!



Morrill Hall

This past Wednesday the kids and myself met up with my Mom and Easton (who was spending the week with my parents) at Morrill Hall.  It has been on my list to take the kids to Morrill Hall this summer to see the special Titanoboa exhibit (before it is gone) so I am really glad we had a great excuse to go!


(That is seriously one LARGE snake)


(Learning how Titanoboa was discovered)




The kids enjoyed the rest of the museum also.  Sam and Molly have been to Morrill Hall multiple times in the past but now, since they are 9, they really seem to get a lot more out of the exhibits than when they were younger.  Previously, they ran from exhibit to exhibit without pause.  Now, they read and interact with the technology so much more and actually learn new things with each visit to the museum.


(Yep, Easton can not be serious in any picture that I tried to capture…you should see some of the ones I deleted…silly guy!)


(Sam loves the different rocks on display)



(This is my kids’ favorite display at the museum.  They learn how different living things are related via genetics.)




The kids’ second most favorite thing at the museum is smelling the different jars in the “discovery room” and determining what scent they are inhaling!


(They tricked Easton into smelling the “skunk” smell!)


It was a fun afternoon.  Sam and Molly then went home with Nana and spent the evening at the Saunders County Fair.  I went the next day to pick them up after we all watched the Fair Parade (a huge tradition in our family).