Fall soccer for Molly

This fall Molly is playing for Magellan Soccer Club.  She is having fun playing with many of the same girls she has played with for the past year.  Molly’s team played in a tournament in Kansas City over Labor Day and I went with her.  She worked hard in the heat (it was way over 100 degrees on the turf fields) and we had fun going shopping in between games!

Here are pictures from her tournament:



















Stitch Fix Review…October

So I know that it really isn’t October yet but I was super happy to receive my Stitch Fix box for October one day early (on the last day of September)!  My stylist was Rebecca again this month and she hit this one out of the park.  OUT. OF. THE. PARK!!  I loved each item she picked for me and I can tell how much time she spends looking at my Pinterest and reviewing other items that I have kept from Stitch Fix in the past to make awesome outfits.  I am absolutely serious when I say that I just don’t go shopping anymore…Stitch Fix is beyond convenient and I receive items that are literally perfect for me (and some I would have never picked on the hanger in the store but love when I put them on)!

Here is briefly how Stitch Fix works:

You fill out an extensive style profile on their website (you tell them your size, likes/dislikes, styles you like, body type, career, etc).  For a $20 styling fee, you can schedule a box (with any frequency you would like…you can even just try it once without any other commitment) that has 5 items of clothing (or combination of clothing and accessories as you denote on your profile) that a personal stylist picks out just for YOU.  Trust me, your stylist really works hard to find items that you will like.  They really study your Pinterest board(s) to understand your personal style.

After you receive your box, you can use the $20 styling fee as credit towards items you keep!  If you don’t like anything at all, you pack the items  into a postage paid bag and pop it back in the mail and you are out the $20 (trust me, I can think of WAY more frivolous things I have spent $20 on and this is super fun).  If you are in love with everything in the box, you get a 25% discount on all items if you keep all 5 things…love it!


Here is what I received this month:

Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn...Stitch Fix

This shirt is a fun fall color that has a lot of versatile with regards to styling.  The shirt was quite wrinkled from the box but still fit well (and will fit even better after I get out my trusty steamer).  I have several different shirts by 41Hawthorn now (sent from Stitch Fix) and they all fit (and wear) really well…totally washable and they never shrink or fade!

Whitley Sueded Legging by Lysse...Stitch Fix

Sueded leggings.  Seriously, need I say more.  These are black and the MOST comfortable pair of leggings I know (and that is saying a lot as I have a few pair)!  The leggings feel like butter to the touch.  I am wearing them now and may never take them off!

Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean (gray) by Kut From The Kloth...Stitch Fix

These distressed boyfriend jeans are a dark grey in color (which is hard to see from the picture).  I love Kut From The Kloth jeans as they fit my body shape very well, have wonderful stretch and are a little higher rise so when I start sitting on bleachers (for hours on end) this winter, they will keep everything covered (and I KNOW you KNOW what I am talking about)!

Ridda Mixed Material Knit Top by RD Style...Stitch Fix

This is a gorgeous top in person (yes, the picture does not do this shirt justice).  This will be perfect for work with black pants.  It is a deep wine color on the top and black flowly fabric on the bottom.  Love!

Lada Cowl Neck Sweater by RD Style...Stitch Fix

Meet my new favorite sweater.  This cozy sweater immediately made it’s way into my closet!

Overall I had a great fix this month!  You should definitely try Stitch Fix if you haven’t already…you totally deserve this fun each month (and this of all the time you will save by giving up shopping in stores)…a total win-win!


This fall Sam is playing flag football for the first time in about 3 years.  He has mostly been focusing on soccer in the fall but this year he was asked to be on a team of all soccer boys from his soccer club.  The boys wore their old Sporting Lincoln soccer uniforms to keep things simple (and get more use out of the uniforms)!  Sam has had fun even though his team has only 1 win…it is hard for these soccer players to adjust to a different type of “football”!

Here are some pictures from a game a few weeks ago:







2015 NFL fantasy football draft

This year Sam and Molly wanted to have a fantasy football league again.  Brian was the commissioner and the league is made up of Sam’s friends from school and several of our neighborhood kids.  Sam and Molly anticipated the arrival of the fantasy football draft as much as the arrival of Christmas…it became a national holiday for them!  The kids spent several hours in the days prior to the draft figuring out whom would make the cut on their team.  They also used online rankings to help influence their decision as well as Brian’s knowledge of which players are suspended or have injuries.


When the evening was over, all 10 kids had a full roster of players (and I was exhausted from writing all the names and sticking them up on the wall)!  Now the real competition begins…

First day of 5th grade

The kids started school on August 19th this year.

Even though Sam and Molly would not admit it to anyone, I knew they both were excited to get back into the routine of school and see all their friends again.  Even though we live in Lincoln and their classmates do not live too far from us, the summer flew by and our packed calendar kept us on the move so the kids didn’t have a chance to see many of their classmates during the summer.  I totally remember that same feeling when I was young as we lived on the farm and, if I didn’t run into my friends during the off chance that Mom would take us to the pool in Wahoo, I would go 3 months without seeing most people in my class!



Looking back, the kids have grown so much since the first day of Kindergarten…



001r 003r 009r 010r 019r

We are always some of the first people at school on the first day because I always have to run to work after I snap a few pictures.  The kids still tolerate my picture taking (which is good because I will always be THAT Mom)!

022r 024r 025r 028r 029r 032r 036r 038r

And then there were off to start a new school year….

Meet the Teacher

(So this post is about a month late)

Each year the day before school actually starts is designated “meet the teacher” day at St. Peters.  This is a convenient time for the school to have school pictures and the kids also bring all their supplies, filling their desks up and bringing their text books home to be covered before the actual first day of school.



Continuing his streak which started back in Kindergarten (KB), Sam is in the “B” class…his total claim to fame!


Molly is in 5A this year…she was most excited about the fact that she got a “tall desk”…apparently those long legs of hers were cramped in her smaller desk last year!


Both Sam and Molly really like school and are always very excited to not only pick out all their supplies but bring them to school and get their desk in order.


I know the kids will have a great 5th grade year…so many wonderful things to look forward to including Confirmation, field trips, starting band, the Wax Museum in the spring and just filling their bring full of more facts as the year progresses!