Annual trip to the Omaha Zoo

Each year, in the summer, we make a trip to Omaha and spend the day at the zoo.  This year there are several new areas in the zoo open and the kids were excited to go! It is amazing how much the Omaha zoo has changed in all the years I have gone, first with my Grandparents and now with my own kids.

It did rain a little while we were there but I was prepared with a large umbrella.  The zoo actually was not that busy (even though it was a Sunday) because of the rain so we had perfect timing with our trip!



This year, as a family, we volunteered for the “Tools for Education” event at Center for People in Need.  We have volunteered there frequently, so much so that the regular staff recognize us when we come to help.  This is a great experience for the kids to work hard and help the community.


Saunders County Fair

This year the kids opted to go to the Saunders County Fair for “wristband” night at the carnival instead of the traditional fair parade on Thursday.  On Tuesday of fair week, the carnival offers wristbands for $20 each and the kids can ride the rides all night long as much as they want!  Lukas was staying with Nana and Papa for the week so the kids loved running around from ride to ride with him.  They also met up with the Cernik cousins after Jarred got his cow weighed and ready to show.  It was a beautiful night (not hot at all)!


Sam summer basketball in Lawrence

Sam’s Lincoln Supreme team played at the end of July in a tournament in Lawrence, KS.  This tournament is usually held in Kansas City but the location was switched to Lawrence.  Sam’s team played at the KU student center which had great courts and also gave us the opportunity to tour the KC basketball facility!

Here are pictures from the weekend…



July 4th

Usually we have been traveling over the 4th of July in the past several years but this year we actually were home from our vacation.  The kids were super excited to hang out in the neighborhood and watch their friends blow things up!


Before lighting off fireworks in the evening though, we spent the day at the lake and celebrated Lukas’ 8th birthday!


After hanging out at the lake all day, we headed back home for the neighborhood get together (watching kids blow things up)…it was a busy but super fun day!


This gang of kids used to just sit back and watch the adults light off fireworks but they are all old enough now, we sit back and watch them (and also constantly yell at them to be safe)!

Summer basketball


This summer Sam played with 4 other of his friends from St. Peters in a 3 v 3 basketball league.  All the boys play for Thunder Supreme but they do not have the opportunity to play together so Sam was excited to hang out with his friends on Friday mornings!


The cousins also attended the Pius basketball camp and stayed with us.  Sam and Molly always really look forward to the week each summer that cousins come and stay!


IMG_8331rMolly played with the Lasers this summer and she also attended 11/12 of the skills sessions…she is improving and really hoping to make a team this fall and play for the Lasers again.


Sam’s team won 2 tournaments and played super tough competition the other 3 tournaments.  He is so lucky to play with a great group of boys from many different schools in the summer (especially from Lincoln East).  These boys will be meeting up with each other for years to come on the court!