Grandparents Day

Last week was Catholic Schools week…a fun week of celebration for Catholic schools across the United States.  On Monday St. Peters hosted Grandparents Day.  Typically Grandparents Day is on Monday and that day is a very hard day for me to be off work, even for a short period of time.  This year, however, I had to speak at Grandparents Day to discuss the fundraiser for the new playground that is being planned (and for which I am on a committee to help with development).

IMG_7357rAfter mass, the kids all went to the cafeteria (with overflow seating in the meeting room) to have donuts with their Grandparents before heading into the gym for the rest of the program!

Saint Projects

This year is a big year for Sam and Molly as they are preparing for Confirmation.  As part of their preparation, they made a “Saint board” with information all about their chosen Confirmation Saint.  The kids made all the pieces of information, created a toilet paper saint and then designed their own boards….I only helped with the hot glue gun as my regular glue just didn’t seem to hold everything together.  Molly looked on Pinterest to find out how to make flowers from tissue paper and Sam came up with the idea for the arrows to decorate his board.

IMG_7349rIMG_7350rAll the 5th graders’ boards were displayed in the cafeteria so everyone could look at the, this past weekend and then this week during Catholic Schools week!

Winter Band Concert

Two weekends ago Sam and Molly had their first ever band concert.  The concert involved 7 of the Catholic schools in Lincoln (the schools taught by Mr. and Mrs. Murphy) and was held in the Pius gym  The 5th graders were arranged in a semi-circle at one of the gym and the 6th-8th graders were mirrored on the other side of the gym.  The kids were excited to play in a big group and, amazingly, the whole group didn’t sound bad at all!


The kids wore their own school uniforms so the band was a blend of 7 different types of uniforms in the gym.

IMG_3982rIMG_3984rIMG_3996rIMG_4002rIMG_4009rIMG_4011rIMG_4016rIMG_4017rIMG_4018rThe kids did a great job and they enjoyed seeing other 5th graders they knew from different schools…kids they didn’t know also played in band!  The next concert is in May so it will be fun to see how much they progress as a group between now and then.

Panther basketball

This year Molly is playing basketball with the team of all St. Peter’s girls which aptly is named the Panthers (as in the St. Peter’s mascot).  The girls have definitely improved since last year and recently played in a tournament in York.  They went 1-2 in the tournament but they are playing tougher competition in a higher bracket this second part of the basketball season.  They may not win a lot of games playing up a bracket but they will get better with the tougher competition.

Here are some pictures of Molly and her teammates in action…


Cernik Christmas 2015


We celebrated the “Cernik Christmas” on the first day of 2016…it just worked out so much better to get together on New Years Day.  We all had a great day relaxing, eating good food and then the kids played for a long time in the snow!  It really doesn’t matter what day we all get together, as long as it works for all of us to see each other at Christmastime!



What a wonderful way to start 2016 spending the whole day with family!

Spicka Christmas 2015

We got together with Brian’s side of the family on December 26th this year since it did not work to see each other on Christmas Day (as usual).  We had a brunch/big breakfast this year which was a great excuse to make biscuits and gravy along with tons of bacon!

IMG_3092rIMG_3098rWinston watched all the happenings from his “bed”!

IMG_3100r(Outtake from trying to get a family picture)

IMG_3104rIMG_3107rIMG_3109rThe kids also decorated gingerbread men that Darlene brought.  It was a great day filled with hanging out and eating good food…a perfect Christmas combination!

Christmas 2015


This year the majority of our Christmas get-togethers happened after Christmas…just the way it worked in everyone’s schedule.  For the first time (really ever), we spent Christmas Eve in Lincoln with just the 4 of us and went to Christmas Eve mass at St. Peters.

On Christmas Day, we traveled to Wahoo and were able to spend a relaxing day visiting with all my Grandparents along with Brent, Whitney and Will (who really received no attention at all…ok, just kidding, the kids LOVED playing with Will)!  Dad picked up Grandma Elsie from the Care Center so she was able to spend the day with us also.

IMG_7213rIMG_7216rThe kids (and some of the adults) also had fun playing games in the evening before we headed back to Lincoln.