May Band Concert

A few weeks ago Sam and Molly had their final band concert of 5th grade.  Nana and Papa came to Lincoln to enjoy the “beautiful” music created by the beginner band!


The kids are still deciding if they want to play band again next year but I am strongly encouraging them to do at least one more year…there is so many good things to learn by being in band!


Molly and I went to go see Annie at the Lied Center a few weeks ago.  The show was great and we both were impressed with the eight 9-11 year old girls who played in the show as they were so talented.  It was a great girls night out!


Monster Trucks

A few weeks ago, as a last minute decision, I purchased tickets for Sam and Brian to go to Monster Jam at the Pinnacle Bank Arena.  Brian said he had always wanted to go to see the Monster Trucks and Sam thought it would be really cool also!  I purchased ear protection for Sam so that he could enjoy the trucks with minimal hearing damage.  They both enjoyed the show a lot and want to go again next year if Monster Jam comes to Lincoln in 2017!  There is nothing like loud trucks crushing cars and spinning cookies to make boys happy!



Uncle Brent and Aunt Whitney gifted the kids kites at Easter when we were out in Imperial.  Spring is Nebraska is SO windy that Sam and Molly have had many opportunities to fly their kites.  They are still working on technique, though…


Wax Museum

Each year the 5th grade at St. Peters puts on a “wax museum”.  Each student picks a historian figure (who has passed away) to learn about and then dress up as for the annual event.  This year Sam picked Henry Ford and Molly picked Jeannette Rankin.

This was a good project for the kids as they had to first come up with a list of 10 people from history that they were interested in.  The challenge is to pick individuals whom your classmates are not picking (so there would be minimal conflicts).  Amazingly no other boy picked Henry Ford and Molly picked a women whom no other 5th grader ever had chosen!

The kids wrote a paper on their chosen historical figure and then recorded a 30 second voice-over detailing the highlights of their character’s life.  We then came up with outfits for them to wear.  Sam was easy in that he just wore his suit that we got him for confirmation.  Molly wore a dress discovered at Goodwill that fit her character perfectly and she borrowed a hat from me, decorating it with feathers and a ribbon.


The kids all did a great job and there were some pretty creative costumes in the group of the 60 fifth graders!