Before we reach the next holiday this week (Thanksgiving), I have to post about the last holiday…Halloween!


The kids decorated and carved all of these pumpkins by themselves this year.  Molly looked at Pinterest to gain inspiration for her pumpkins and Sam used a pumpkin carving kit to help him carve his owl and the bat.

This year our Halloween weekend started by attending Cathedral’s Trunk or Treat.  The weather decided to be chilly and rainy on the Friday evening in October but we still made sure to support Cathedral (and the kids obtained a lot of fun treats in the process)…


This year Molly is disguised as a “robber” and Sam is a Bulls basketball player.




The best “trunk or treat” station was the Back to the Future booth that had a real Delorian just like in the actual movie!

On Halloween, the weather was actually gorgeous.  As tradition, Molly went trick or treating with several of her friends and Sam went around the neighborhood with his classmates.  Brian took the girls and our neighbor too the boys around the neighborhood once the sun set and the porch lights came on.





Sam ended up using one of his friend’s costumes so he was a hamburger over his Bulls jersey.



This group had a lot of fun on Halloween!  Yes, they gathered tons of candy but they also had fun running around the neighborhood with their friends…totally what Halloween is about when you are 10!


Sam and the Bulls

In October the Chicago Bulls came to town and played an exhibition game at the Pinnacle Bank Arena against the Dallas Mavericks.  Tickets had gone on sale back in February but they sold out nearly instantly.  I tried to get tickets at that time but, since I was working and unable to sit at my computer continuously prior to the onsale time, I missed out.  About a week, though, prior to the event, I caught an advertisement for Ticket Express advertising that they had tickets available as a third party ticket exchange.  I actually was about to find some great seats for cheaper than if I bought the tickets in February!  I bought the tickets and then emailed Brian that I purchased 2 tickets for Sam and himself.  We kept it a secret until right before the event and surprised Sam.  He already had a Bulls jersey so he fit right in with all the Bulls fans in Lincoln!


The boys had such a fun evening and I am so glad it worked out for them to go to the sold out event!

Kimmel Orchard

Each year it has become tradition for the kids and myself to travel to Nebraska City to visit Kimmel Orchard in the fall. In fact, given the choice between a pumpkin patch and Kimmel Orchard, the kids picked going to the orchard when we had a free Saturday morning!

About a month ago, we picked a cool Saturday morning to head east down Highway 2 to reach the orchard.  The kids love walking through the orchard, mastering the corn maze and eating the (still warm from the oven) spicy apple donuts…seriously those are the best donuts around!  Kimmel is always changing the orchard experience and this year added in several fun structures (mostly old tires) to climb on.  The kids spent quite a bit of time exercising by climbing, especially when waiting for the hayrack to come to take us out to the farther areas of the orchard.










Picking pumpkins

Each year Brian’s parents tend to a large pumpkin patch behind their garage.  Over a month ago we went there to help harvest their crop.  I am very grateful that they plant all those pumpkins as I use many of them for fall decoration outside our home (and the kids always paint and carve many pumpkins each year)!  This year John and Darlene also planted white pumpkins, adding to a fun mix to decorate my front porch.







Flag Football

Sooo, this picture was actually taken at the end of September but this is from Sam’s last flag football game of the season.  He enjoyed playing with his soccer friends this fall.  They had fun and it didn’t even matter that they only pulled off 2 wins in the season (there are a lot of competitive flag football teams which actually have practices that beat them)!!


Stitch Fix…November Review

My Stitch Fix box this month was waiting for me on Thursday after I arrived home from a long day of work and an after work meeting…a fun surprise as always!  This month I requested some new fall clothes to update my closet.  At this time, I have a good basic wardrobe but now rely on Stitch Fix to add in a few extra fun pieces.  I know I say this every month but I, honestly, do not shop in stores anymore as Stitch Fix is the best time-saving service!  I used to shop online a lot (because I just didn’t have time to go to stores and wander around) but I have even gotten to the point that I have unsubscribed from most all store emails as I do not need the sale coupon codes and electronic clutter in my email inbox.

This month Stitch Fix released an App for iPhones which makes using the service even easier!  You can check out online, see what is being sent to you after the box has shipped, provide feedback via the mobile App and include a picture of yourself to help your stylist even more.

Rebecca was my stylist again this month and she is just spot on with picking things! If you use Stitch Fix, make sure you link your Pinterest page to your style profile.  Rebecca frequently references my Pinterest page when she describes why she chose each item for me.

Here is what I received this month:

Pierine Textured Colorblock Peacoat by THML...Stitch Fix

I was excited when I found out that I would be receiving a coat this month in my box.  I haven’t purchased a fall coat in many years so a new coat would really update my closet.  The coat fabric is a very thick knit in versatile, neutral colors and the fit is spot on…really a perfect fall coat!

Maliya Poncho Cardigan by Skies are Blue...Stitch Fix

This sweater makes be SOOO happy!  Big drapey sweaters/ponchos are my super favorite style for fall and winter.  Leggings, boots and layers…LOVE!!  This sweater is a long enough to cover all the important parts (as remember ladies, leggings are not pants).  When you see me this fall and winter on the weekends, there is a 99% chance I will be wearing this sweater frequently!

Destiny Pullover Sweater by Skies are Blue...Stitch Fix

This is a pretty wine colored sweater that is perfect to wear to work.  The sweater meets all my “work wear” requirement with a dressy feel,  sleeves that can be pushed up (without falling down) and it is made of a stretchy material (as I move my arms around a lot…and not just when I am talking)!

Lianah Bootcut Jean by Liverpool....Stitch Fix

It is true, ladies, bootcut jeans have made a comeback this fall.  After a few years of wearing (pretty much) only skinny jeans, I am happy about the return of the bootcut style.  I haven’t purchased a pair of bootcut jeans in a few years so this is a perfect pair (with a great fit and wonderfully stretchy material) to update my closet.  The length is long enough and the rise is high enough that, when I sit on bleachers during the quickly approaching basketball season, I won’t have to worry about showing anything unwanted!

Jessi Hooded Knit Top by Staccato...Stitch Fix

This is just a fun shirt for weekend wear.  The shirt has a hood (which I was a little reluctant about) but when layered with a puffy vest, it looks great (and it is long enough to work as a layer with leggings this winter).  This shirt was one of Molly’s favorite (besides the poncho cardigan) in the whole box.  I am assuming in a few years she will be wearing it out of my closet as she just keeps growing taller by the minute!

So, overall, this was another great Stitch Fix box…a special treat to myself.  Next month (in December), I have another challenge for my stylist (stayed tuned to see what I asked for in my next box) and I have a good feeling she will find great items!

Halloween Havoc

Sam’s soccer team played in their last tournament of the year last weekend.  The weather was gorgeous (which is wonderful since there is always a chance of freezing cold wind this time of year)!  Halloween Havoc is a fun tournament when most teams dress up.  We had custom t-shirts made for the boys this year and they wore skull socks which matched their uniform perfectly!