Wax Museum

Each year the 5th grade at St. Peters puts on a “wax museum”.  Each student picks a historian figure (who has passed away) to learn about and then dress up as for the annual event.  This year Sam picked Henry Ford and Molly picked Jeannette Rankin.

This was a good project for the kids as they had to first come up with a list of 10 people from history that they were interested in.  The challenge is to pick individuals whom your classmates are not picking (so there would be minimal conflicts).  Amazingly no other boy picked Henry Ford and Molly picked a women whom no other 5th grader ever had chosen!

The kids wrote a paper on their chosen historical figure and then recorded a 30 second voice-over detailing the highlights of their character’s life.  We then came up with outfits for them to wear.  Sam was easy in that he just wore his suit that we got him for confirmation.  Molly wore a dress discovered at Goodwill that fit her character perfectly and she borrowed a hat from me, decorating it with feathers and a ribbon.


The kids all did a great job and there were some pretty creative costumes in the group of the 60 fifth graders!

Harlem Globetrotters

Last fall I purchased 4 tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Pinnacle Bank Arena.  I always take a chance when purchasing tickets so far in advance as I had no idea what our schedule would be on the day of the event.  It ended up that Sam and Brian were in Des Moines for a soccer tournament (which they won and came home champions) so Jarred and Graycen got the call up to fill in to see the Harlem Globetrotters!  Molly was super excited to have her cousins come with her and myself.


I purchased the tickets through Groupon and we ended up in the 7th row around mid-court!  The kids had so much fun and laughed a lot!


Sam and Molly’s Confirmation

IMG_4645rSt. Peters held Confirmation this year on Tuesday, April 5th.  Between the St. Peter’s 5th graders and all the CCD 5th graders, there were 115 confirmands this year which is the biggest confirmation class ever in the Diocese of Lincoln.  Because of the large size of the group, there were two bishops present.

Sam and Molly (and their whole class) spent a lot of the school year preparing for their Confirmation.  They studied the famous 92 questions, had a whole day retreat and completed many projects leading up to the day of their Confirmation.


Sam and Molly both chose Nana to be their Confirmation sponsor.  Sam picked St. Sebastian to be his Confirmation Saint and Molly chose St. Therese.


Because Confirmation was on a Tuesday night, we just invited the Grandparents to come to the 2 hour long ceremony.  Bishop Bruskewitz confirmed the students on the right hand side of the church while Bishop Conley was on the left side.  Sam and Molly were on the right side so they had the retired Bishop confirm them both.  St. Peter’s does not allow photography during the Confirmation ceremony so I was unable to capture pictures of the beautiful ceremony.


Congratulations to Sam and Molly on their Confirmation!

Husker soccer

Several of the girls soccer teams from Magellan had the great opportunity to do a “walk out” with the Husker soccer team and FCKC when they played a few weeks ago.  It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to sit and watch soccer and Molly had a great time hanging with her teammates (Sam came along for the snacks)!  The admission was free and many families came to enjoy the afternoon.  The Huskers lost to the professional team but the crowd cheered loudly anyway.


Molly was paired with a Husker player who almost was the same height as Molly!


Easter in Imperial

We love our family tradition of traveling to Imperial for Easter each year. The kids really enjoy hanging out with their cousins and it is a super relaxed weekend with family.


Alicia and I obviously think alike as Easton and Lukas showed up at the Balcony House for breakfast in the same color combination that Sam was wearing!


We always stay at the Balcony House and are grateful to Jim and Linda for their hospitality.  The kids love the cookie jar and then whirlpool tub in our room.  It was pretty chilly this year in March but Easter is in mid-April next year so hopefully the weather will be warmer then as we will definitely continue the tradition of heading west for Easter.


Easter Egg Hunt

This year in Imperial the annual Easter Egg hunt had a twist…snow on the ground!  Imperial had received 8 inches of snow on the Wednesday prior to Easter and even though the majority had melted away, there were still significant piles of snow in the backyard that limited egg hiding to just the front yard this year.  The cousins were excited to hunt eggs in their snow boots and Will had first pick of the eggs this year!